Cell Pay platform

Easy, fast & convenient, Cell Pay is a unique platform that provides way for wireless dealers to streamline refills and product sales online and off.

  • Cell Pay Online- A web site that enables dealers to sell refills and additional wireless products/accessories online with an interface similar to Ebay or Amazon. Cell Pay is a fully responsive platform. Customize your store by adding your logo. With Cell Pay Phone & Online your customers are able to recharge their prepaid phone anywhere, anytime on any device.
  • Cell Pay Phone- An automated phone system that give customers the ability to call or text to purchase a prepaid refill.
  • Cell Pay POS is most inexpensive Point-of-Sale solution on the market.  Dealers with physical stores can checkout customers and track inventory easier than before.
  •  When used together, Cell Pay Phone, Cell Pay Online and Cell Pay POS gives wireless dealers, repair techs and others what they need to Sell MORE! .

Customers refill by phone or online in four easy steps

Select Carrier

Select Plan

Verify Number


Your Customers will enjoy these Phone & Web Pay features

Payment History

Keep track of your previous phone payments with specific details like: payment date, phone number, carrier, refill amount, transaction ID.

View/Print receipts

You can view or print your phone payment inovice at any time.

Future Pay

Securely add a payment method for future payments. At the checkout just select your credit card on file to refill your phone.

Add multiple phone numebrs

Save multiple phone number profiles with your carrier and prepaid plan for future quick refills.

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